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5 - 60 Weeks
$27,000 - $52,000
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    Office Administrator Programs Description

    An Office Administrator, much like an administrative assistant helps alleviate the work-load and assists staff from all levels with their day-to-day tasks. Additionally, they are responsible for delegating tasks to lower-level staff (such as an administrative assistant), record-keeping, billing and other key logistics within an organization.

    • The ability to communicate with others, in order to coordinate with other employees around the company.
    • The ability to adapt to changing environments and new software technologies and installations etc.
    • Being able to work under pressure when given a task
    • Keep a stock of office supplies and place orders when necessary.
    • Support budgeting and bookkeeping procedures
    • Create and update records and databases
    • Supervise administrative staff and divide responsibilities to ensure performance.

    Office Administrator Salary

    The average office administrator’s salary in Canada ranges between $27,000 to $52,000 a year.

    Office Administrator Training Courses

    To start your career of becoming an office administrator, you need to have proven your experience and on average 2 years of loyal service as an office assistant and/or any other similar role. A high school diploma is usually necessary. Though not mandatory, a bachelors degree in business/office administration looks great on a resume and definitely gives you an advantage.

    Useful Information About Being a Office Administrator

    Excellent and proficient knowledge for MS office, and other office suite software (such as ERP etc.). In addition, having the ability to use a computer, having adequate accounting skills and familiarity with office management procedures.

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