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There’s no shortage of opportunities in a business career with opportunities being available in just about every single industry that you can think about.

Business positions offer many transferable skills that can be implied into a plethora of different industries including finance, accounting, business management or even provide the necessary foundation to start your own business.

Business careers incorporate facets like marketing, finances, sales and management; but it can also point you in the direction of human resources or project management, too. While you may enter start a business career one way, it does not mean you will stay stagnant in one role as business

Even at an entry-level position, a business educational background is considered mandatory for those looking to enter this career space. That means there is a need to attend a business college or a school with business college programs available. Business schools in Canada will provide you with the foundation you need to apply in your career as you work your way to higher level positions within an organization.

The median salary for a business position is $77,000/year with most entry level positions starting at $32,000/year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to get an MBA?

Someone who is working in a field outside of a leadership or management field may not find an MBA useful. However, those who are looking to head a company or work in management will find that an MBA is absolutely worth the investment.

How to find a suitable business school?

There’s a couple of things you should consider when researching business college programs. Cost, location, and what opportunities attending that business college may provide you with. E.G: Networking, accolodates, etc.

How long does a business education take to complete?

This is an open-ended question and largely depends on a few things. One, whether or not you are pursuing a certificate, diploma, degree or doing your Master’s. A certificate can be completed within a year, a diploma usually takes two years, and a bachelor’s degree four years. A Master’s and MBA programs are usually completed within one to two years.

What are my options for a career in business?

There is no shortage of opportunities when you go to business college choose a career in business. You can find opportunities as payroll administrator, work in human resources, sales or a finance controller.

What is the number one business school in the world?

The number one business school in the world–particularly famous with business college students in the US and Canada–is Harvard Business School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Where are the best business schools?

Some of the best business schools in Canada include Schulich School of Business at York University, Rotman at the University of Toronto, Desautels at McGill University, and Ivey at Western University.