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Audio Engineer Description

Audio Engineers work behind the scenes, dealing with the mechanical and technical part of musical recordings. They are also known as Recording Engineers, Sound Engineers, Audio Operators, Acoustical Engineers, and Sound Technicians. Audio Engineers work anywhere that requires exceptional production and postproduction of sound including film and television, recording studios, theatres, opera and playhouses, sports venues, concert halls, government offices, post-secondary institutes, auditoriums, video game productions, and with live bands. Audio Engineers work behind the scenes to improve sound quality, assist in production and postproduction assignments. They can work with recorded or live events. They are creative individuals with strong aural skills. They are responsible for the technical side of sound and music production. Using technical sound equipment, Audio Engineers use different methods and equipment to add and enhance the quality of the sound in recorded and live projects. As a member of an integral team, the Audio Engineer works with the producer and performs to create the desired aural effects.

Audio Engineer Core Task and Skills Required

As an Audio Engineer, your task and skills include:

  • recording, creating and maintaining sound libraries
  • recording, balancing, mixing, enhancing, and editing all sound during and after production, installing and testing audio equipment
  • producing sounds and sound effects
  • arranging, editing, and adding sound to videos
  • assessing acoustics
  • work closely with record producers
  • using their technical knowledge and skills to achieve the desired audio objectives of the producers and performers
  • troubleshooting problems
  • setting up and maintaining equipment.

Audio Engineer Salary

The salary of an Audio Engineer varies greatly depending on the type of field they are working in. The average salary ranges between $15.00 to $35.00 per hour or $30,000.00 to $70,000.00 annually.

Audio Engineer Hours

On average, Audio Engineers work up to ten hours a day. Most do not work the average Monday to Friday schedule. Most Engineers can expect to work days, evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays.

Audio Engineer Training

To become an Audio Engineer, you must complete a post secondary education in Audio/Sound Engineering at a technical or community college. Depending on the career path chosen, some engineers must also complete a university degree to work in their chosen industry. Apprenticeship programs are also available in certain fields. Audio Engineers receive additional training on the job. They are trained how to us the audio and technical equipment including how to set up cables and microphones. They also learn how to test sound levels, use mixing boards, set up recording sessions, balance the acoustics, and other duties as required. They also receive training related to the policies and procedures of the organization.

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