Graphic Designer Courses

4 - 77 Weeks
$27,000 - $77,000
  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Diploma
  • Certificate
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    Graphic Designer Programs Description

    The primary responsibility of a graphic designer is to present information in an understandable and memorable way. This may be through illustrations, typography, video, or other visual means. Graphic designers will be responsible for collecting requirements for design projects, planning and keeping the project on schedule, providing proofs, coordinating project work with contractors and suppliers as needed, working with feedback, and providing final product files or printed or manufactured material.

    • Creativity, ingenuity, and a good understanding of design principles are key for a career as a graphic designer.
    • Excellent computer skills, experience with design programs, and attention to detail are key for this position.
    • Good interpersonal skills are an asset for this position as graphic designers are often required to work closely with clients and colleagues through project planning and phases of revisions.
    • Time management and working under pressure to accommodate tight deadlines and rush projects is a valuable skill.

    Graphic Designer Salary

    An average salary is 45K per year in Canada. A more experienced graphic designer may make up to 77K.

    Graphic Designer Hours

    Full time positions are common for large organizations and agencies that require a significant amount of design work. Some graphic designers work independently and take contract work.

    Graphic Designer Training Courses

    There are a wide variety of graphic design degree, diploma and certificate programs offered in classrooms across Canada and many available online. Experience working with graphic design software is paramount. Adobe design programs are currently considered industry standard, so it is recommended to get experience working with Adobe software. Adobe offers discounted program pricing for students. To keep skills current, there are many free resources available for graphic designers who are keen to learn independently. The creation of a design work portfolio is very important for graphic designers seeking employment or contract project work. A portfolio is an essential tool to share previous work samples and demonstrate proficiency in graphic design. It is recommended that students begin compiling a digital portfolio early in their studies and continue to build upon their portfolio as their skills progress.

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