16 - 52 Weeks
$25,000 - $107,676
  • Full Time
  • Diploma
  • Certificate
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    Artist Description

    The word artist describes different occupations where people use different mediums and techniques to create art. They can work for a variety of industries or independently. An artist is someone who uses different styles, tools, materials, and techniques to express themselves by creating work that is considered art such as drawing, painting, music, sculpting, acting, ceramics, weaving, digital graphics, and other mediums.

    Artist Core Task and Skills Required

    Artists use different mediums to design and produce something that is considered art. Artists can work independently, in theatres, galleries, art stores, and other venues, to produce artistic pieces, show and sell their products, and engage others in their craft.

    • Develop ideas and methods to create art
    • Use different techniques like sculpting, drawing, painting, playing music, weaving, glass blowing, acting, digital graphics, and other mediums to produce artistic pieces.
    • Create sketches, drawings, models, paintings, and other illustrations
    • Display and sell their work at galleries, stores, online, auctions, exhibitions, and other marketplaces
    • Write, desktop publish, web design
    • Perform their craft in a studio or in front of a live audience
    • Mentor other artists
    • Collaborate with other professional artists

    Artist Salary

    The average salary for an artist is $33,342.00. However, some artists can make an unlimited income selling their work

    Artist Hours

    Artists work full time, part time, on a contract basis, or freelance. Their hours vary depending on the line of work they are in and project they are working on

    Artist Training

    While a formal education is not required, many industries require a bachelors or master’s degree in art. Most artists complete a college or university degree to gain the skills, theoretical knowledge, and mentorship by professional artists.

    Useful Information About Being a Artist

    Most artists mentor other artists to learn about the industry, different materials and techniques used. Once in the field, artists continue their training to keep up to date with different techniques, software, trends, and company policies.

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