Artist Manager

52 Weeks
$31,000 - $146,000
  • Full Time
  • Diploma
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    Artist Manager Description

    An Artist Manager is someone who handles the day to day dealings on behalf of a solo performing artist or a band. The day to day usually entails meeting with your current artists, prospective artists, marketing upcoming gigs for your artists, social media and website management, fan and public relations, operations and sales of merchandise and management of events and shows.

    Artist Manager Core Task and Skills Required

    Artist Managers are a necessary component as the music industry experiences changes thanks to digital streaming and other new revenue streams. Many artists are hyper focused on international stardom, and often overlook the fine print found in contracts with labels, local promoters who book shows, management of merchandise at shows or online sales. Artist Managers are the reason that bands or performing artists can focus on the creative aspect of their career: entertaining. Artist managers have an excellent assessment of talent. The recognize what makes a song great and know talent when they see it. As an Artist Manager, your core functions outside of acting as an advisor for your client will include:

    • Contract management
    • Promotion; public relations and publicity
    • Liaising with record and label companies
    • Managing and filing intellectual properties
    • Possessing a keen understanding of the entertainment industry and its principles

    Artist Manager Salary

    The average Artist Manager salary in Canada ranges between $31,000 and $146,000 per year. Income is largely dependent on region, and artist portfolio.

    Artist Manager Hours

    Artist Managers generally work fluctuating hours due to the exploratory component of their career that frequently has them attending shows after 8 p.m. – while it is not a traditional Monday to Friday, 9-5 routine – the career is highly fulfilling and fast paced due to how quickly things happen in this field. No two workdays are the same.

    Artist Manager Training

    To become an Artist Manager, it’s imperative that you undertake a program that will teach you the ins and outs of the music industry. This is a lucrative career that is highly reliant on having a repertoire of skillsets including: web design, marketing, production and storyboard capacity, and a sharp business acumen to better understand the nature of record deal contracts. Many programs can be completed within a twelve-month period where you will be awarded a diploma. It is wise to select a program that is immersive and provides experiential learning that will make you an attractive Artist Manager upon graduation.

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