52 - 52 Weeks
$37,000 - $136,000
  • Full Time
  • Diploma
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    Architect Description

    Working with other professionals and teams, Architects produce highly detailed drawings of building designs either by hand or with the use of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs. They design anything from homes, office buildings, and factories to sports complexes, churches, theatres, hospitals, restaurants, schools, museums, and other buildings requested by the landowner.

    Architect Core Task and Skills Required

    Architects use their creative vision, technical and practical knowledge, psychological understanding of buildings, and ethical practices to design, plan, and oversee the construction of commercial, public, and private buildings for new projects, redevelopments, and structural alterations.

    • Produce highly detailed design plans manually or through a CAD computer program
    • Apply for permits
    • Communicate with other professionals and team members
    • Work within tight deadlineswrite, submit, and present reports, proposals, applications, and contracts
    • Oversee the construction of projects
    • Troubleshoot problems
    • Adapt plans accordingly
    • Visit job sites to ensure work is being done following all safety and legal requirements
    • Address all health and safety matters in the design and construction of the structure

    Architect Salary

    On average, Architects in Canada can earn between $37,000 to $136,000 annually. Freelance Architects have the potential to make an unlimited income.

    Architect Hours

    Architects typically work Monday to Friday during business hours. However, they may have to work evenings, overtime, weekends, and holidays if they must complete the work within a tight timeline.

    Architect Training

    Architects take additional training related to the policies and procedures of a company, learning different software programs, and other duties or skills required by the company or sector they are employed in.

    Useful Information About Being a Architect

    Becoming an Architect is a three-step process. First, students must complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Architecture from an accredited university. They must also complete an Internship in Architecture program under a mentor, or licensed Architect. Most internships are three years in duration and are paid programs. Finally, they must write and pass the Architect Registration Exam. Architects must be licensed with the Architect association within their province or territory.

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