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    Actor Programs Description

    An actor/actress is a person who entertains audiences by portraying a character in a theatre, film, television, radio, or internet video production. The actor’s performance is often based on his or her interpretation of the character.

    Actor Core Task and Skills Required

    Actors are entertainers who use their words, body language, and facial expressions to entertain an audience by portraying a character in theatre and film projects. Actors are storytellers who bring characters to life using their voice, body language, and facial expressions. They memorize and rehearse their lines to perform plays and film productions in front of a live audience or camera. While there is no formal education required, many actors receive bachelor’s and master’s degrees through university fine arts and theatre performance programs. Actors can also learn their skills through high school drama classes, community college programs, local theatre groups, drama schools, and performing arts institutions.

    • Strong stage presence
    • Memorize and recite lines
    • Study and perform different acting techniques
    • Perform in front of a camera or live audience
    • Attend auditions
    • Attend casting meetings
    • Rehearse lines and scenes
    • Research characters and their personalities
    • Work with a team of directors, actors, and film or theatre crew
    • Use their body and verbal language to portray a character

    Actor Salary

    The average income of an actor in Canada is $41,438 per year however, they have the potential to earn an unlimited income. The highest paid actors can make millions per project.

    Actor Hours

    The hours fluctuate with each job. Actors primarily work days, evenings, nights, weekdays, and weekends. Some also work during national holidays.

    Actor Training Courses

    To be recognized as a professional, actors should join local and national industry unions. Most actors also hire an agent to find auditions. Audition reels and head shots are also required.

    Useful Information About Being a Actor

    Actors work with acting and dialect coaches to improve their performance. They also do individual training to research their character and surroundings. Depending on the role, actors also learn a new skill, choreographed moves, or routine.

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