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Why you should go back to school

Why you should go back to school

Higher education is incredibly valuable, no matter what kind of degree to go back to school for.

By returning to the classroom at CDI College in Toronto, whether online or on-campus, you ensure that you’re constantly learning and growing.

More and more adults are going back to school to hone their skills, stay current with the latest technologies and learn new specializations in order to enter the job market as stronger, more versatile employees. 

Going back to school at CDI College in Toronto doesn't mean you have to live in a dorm and devote yourself to full-time studies. You may want to consider starting with just one or two CDI courses.

Whether you’re looking to change careers or earn more money, here are seven reasons why you should go back to school.

1. To improve your job options

In today's competitive job market, just being qualified often isn't enough. Even if you have the skills and knowledge to succeed in a job, employers generally prefer candidates with a degree—even if that degree is in a different field. In fact, nearly every full-time job advertisement lists "bachelor's degree or higher" as a requirement. 

2. To advance your career

Without a degree, companies are much less likely to offer you room for advancement. Moving up within your company may require you to learn new skills or gain new knowledge. This is where online courses at CDI College in Toronto come in handy. 

3. To earn more money

A college degree gives you a major financial edge in the world. According to a study done by the Pew Research Center, college graduates on average earn about $17,500 more per year than high school graduates. 

4. To switch jobs

If you're not satisfied with your career, going back to school could get you on the path to your dream job. Even if you already have a degree and an established career, it’s never too late to expand your education.

5. To improve your job performance

Employees with higher education are generally offered higher entry-level salaries and more opportunities to move up than their less-educated colleagues. The new skills you learn through CDI college programs could be a bargaining chip in the promotion you’ve been after. Employers may even help fund your degree if you make a commitment to stay with the company in the near term.

6. To pursue an interest

Life gets busy and it’s easy for our hobbies and interests to fall by the wayside. CDI courses like graphic design and social media marketing help students to transform their interests into careers.

7. To network

Your network reach is a valuable asset in today’s job market. At school, you're surrounded by many of the best minds in your field and have an easy way to get to know them and form the kinds of professional relationships necessary to get your career heading in the right direction. You’ll also meet other students whose interests are aligned with yours.

CDI College offers solid, market-driven programs to help students develop skills that are in demand by the leading employers in the business, technology, and healthcare industries. To learn about CDI College programs, be sure to fill out the request info form.