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Top 9 recession-proof Jobs & Careers

Top 9 recession-proof Jobs & Careers

Anyone who’s facing a recession wants to know which jobs are going to be around when times get tough.

While no job is completely recession-proof, some professions take less of a beating than others. Some jobs, especially in healthcare, are essential for the normal day-to-day functioning of society. So, no matter what’s happening in the economy, there will always be a need for someone to do them.


If you are a student looking to protect yourself in a recession, then it’s important you work in industries impacted less in an economic downturn. Jobs in healthcare, government, education, accounting, and law enforcement are all safe bets during a recession.


Here are nine nearly recession-proof jobs in 2020:


  1. Medical


Registered Nurses, pharmacists, physicians, surgeons, paramedics, dentists, and veterinarians are recession-proof. People and animals get sick. It’s a fact of life. That means they always need access to qualified healthcare professionals who can help. Most Medix College programs will get you into the medical profession. Likewise, CDI College programs cover everything from dental office administration to medical office administration and Vancouver Career College has a course for pharmacy assistants.  


  1. Specialized care


Services like physical therapy, occupational therapy, substance-abuse counseling, and chiropractic care help people live without pain. Since some of these services are covered by insurance, people are more encouraged to use them — even when money is tight. As baby boomers continue to age, nursing homes are hiring. If you’re enrolled in Vancouver Career College courses for Registered Massage Therapy or Medix College courses for physiotherapy, then you should wind up with recession-proof jobs.


  1. Phlebotomy


Medical professionals who draw blood for tests, transfusions, and other needs will always be in demand by hospitals, laboratories, and blood donor centers. Medix College offers a course in Phlebotomy as it relates to patient care.


  1. Software development


Software developers are the people who create the programs, apps, and platforms that you find on your desktop and smartphone. As the world becomes increasingly digital, Vancouver Career College programs for web and mobile application developers are even more attractive to students.


  1. Law enforcement


Communities will always want to invest in the safety of their local businesses and residents, which means that police officer and the professionals who support them are essential, especially during an economic recession. CDI College offers a course in Law Enforcement Foundations


  1. Public utility services


Public services like electricity, water, sewage, waste collection, and recycling are critical to maintaining order and public health, recession or no recession. For a career as an electrician, check out Vancouver Career College.


  1. Financial services


People and businesses need money which is why accountants, auditors, claims adjusters, and insurance underwriters are needed no matter what the economy looks like. CDI College courses like Accounting and payroll administration are a good idea if you want a stable job.


  1. Education services


Economic boom or bust, investing in the future is always important so jobs in education are consistent regardless of the economic climate. In addition to traditional classroom instructors, distance education is on the rise. For job security, why not become an education assistant through Reeves College courses or a childcare assistant through Medix College programs.


  1. Digital marketing


When the economy deteriorates, businesses have to get wise with how they spend their marketing budget. More and more companies are hiring website designers, SEO experts, and social media marketers to promote their brand. Take a look at Reeves College's programs in online marketing and social media.




How do I make myself recession-proof?


Here are five ways to make yourself recession-proof, or at least more likely to be able to handle tough economic times:


  1. Start a savings account.
  2. Live within your means.
  3. Earn extra money with a side gig.
  4. Invest for the long-term.
  5. Keep your credit score high.


Are tech jobs recession-proof?


While tech jobs aren’t necessarily recession-proof, they’re certainly recession-resistant. In fact, there is currently a huge demand for programmers, coders, and cybersecurity professionals.


How long do recessions last?


A recession is a widespread economic decline that can last for at least six months. Depression is a more severe decline that can last for years.


Are accounting jobs recession-proof?


Accounting jobs are much more recession-proof than many other business and finance-related positions. If companies lose enough clients during a recession, the accountant will be one of the last to go.