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Top 5 skills every student needs to be successful at school

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If you’re a working adult or parent considering going back to school, you may feel like it’s impossible to successfully squeeze college courses into your busy schedule. But you absolutely can.

Reeves College online courses are a fantastic option for students who have other commitments and responsibilities that make it difficult to attend school full time or even part-time. 

While distance education means you can work through Reeves College courses and programs at your own pace, anywhere in the world, it also means you need to be extra diligent in the face of freedom. Here are the top five skills you need in order to be successful at school, especially when enrolled in an online course. 

1. Time management

Take some time to prepare a weekly schedule that includes time for Reeves College online programs, work obligations, study sessions, and other important commitments. Don’t forget to pencil in your friends and family, either. Your success at school will heavily depend on your ability to properly manage your time. 

2. Stress management 

Even though you’re not commuting to a physical classroom every day, the college experience and extra workload that comes with it can still get stressful at times. Regular exercise, adequate rest, and a healthy diet are great ways to reduce anxieties and keep you focused on your online courses at Reeves College. It’s also best to avoid alcohol when the going gets rough. 

3. Seeking assistance when needed

A big part of advocating for yourself is knowing when to ask for help at school. Whether you’re attending full-time classes at Reeves College or enrolled in an online course, it’s important that you ask for help when you need it. Don’t be shy. This is a sign of strength and integrity, not an admission of failure.

4. Communication in a virtual world

With online courses, students need to know how to effectively communicate through technology more than ever. Having strong communication skills, which include responding to emails clearly, concisely, and in a timely fashion will result in less stress, more productivity, and better chances for success throughout the school year. 

5. Collaboration is key 

Collaboration is a hallmark of the digital age. Being able to collaborate means you can work productively in groups that are both physical and virtual. In order to collaborate successfully, you should be a proficient communicator, display empathy, and also possess leadership skills. 

When you enroll in a career diploma program at Reeves College, you are taking the first step toward professional development and success. Reeves College programs have been developed based on input from professionals in the areas of art and design, business, healthcare, and legal studies ensuring all students graduate with the skills necessary to meet industry demands.