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How to succeed at school

Taking Notes

If you want to graduate with flying colours, it’s important to stay on track at school.

Are you planning on starting classes at CDI College in Toronto this winter but wondering how you’ll stay focused? If you want to graduate with flying colours, it’s important to stay on track at school. That means paying attention in class, handing in homework on time, and properly studying for tests and exams. This can certainly feel like a challenge for students both fresh out of high school and those who are returning after years in the workforce but it’s actually pretty easy. 

Whether you’re taking CDI full-time courses, online courses or short courses, here are seven tips to help you succeed in school no matter who you are or what program you’re enrolled in. 


Get Organized

By developing good organizational habits and establishing a solid daily routine, you’ll be more organized and more likely to succeed in school. At CDI College in Toronto, student counselors are always happy to share their wisdom and offer a friendly ear to their fellow classmates. If you’re having trouble staying organized, speak to a student counselor for advice based on their own experience. 


Don't multitask

Multitasking is both physically impossible and mentally draining. It will make you less productive and less effective. Avoid the temptation to multitask by maximizing your computer windows to hide distractions, turning off email pop-ups, and setting your phone to do-not-disturb.


Divide your study time into chunks

If you aspire to succeed at school, don’t forget to take breaks, especially during a study marathon. Forcing yourself to study for long hours will likely result in burnout and make it difficult for you to retain important information. You’ll be much better off if you divide your homework into manageable chunks.



Don't minimize the importance of sleep. Getting a good night's rest with a minimum of at least eight hours a night is crucial to your success at school. It will not only sharpen your focus in the classroom but also improve your memory which is necessary to study effectively. 


Carve out a study space

Find a space at school, at home, or in public that will maximize your productivity. At home, look for places away from the TV and other distractions. If you have children, you may want to consider setting up a private study space in a spare bedroom. The local library is also a great place to prepare for a big exam. 


Create a study group

Get together with a few other students in your class to go over complex assignments or prepare for a big test. You can take turns quizzing each other and review class material to make sure that everyone is on the same page. 


Ask questions

Don't hesitate to ask questions. Asking for help or clarification from a teacher, a tutor or your classmates is a great way to make sure you truly understand the subjects you’re at school to learn. 

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